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Your strategist, analyst, and copywriter for:

Digital Ads, Taglines, Headlines, Landing Pages, Lifecycle and Promotional Emails, Brochures, Video Scripts, Product Descriptions, Press Releases, and Case Studies

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All-in-one marketing platform that helps coaches, consultants, and experts monetize their knowledge online.

Healthcare / Tech

#1 dental 3D printing company with cutting-edge hardware and cloud design software.

Helium 10
eCommerce / SaaS

Tools to help ecommerce sellers grow their business.

Education / Tech

Live, online seminars and workshops led by industry experts.

Bobby Basil Books for Kids
eCommerce / Education

Children's books that teach Spanish, history, and cultures around the world.

Jurassic World

Immersive vacation resort with a real-life dinosaur theme park. (Spec Work)

Energy / Automotive

Clean energy company that sells electric cars, battery energy storage, and solar panels. (Spec Work)

Entertainment / SaaS

OTT streaming service of Disney's family-friendly content including Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. (Spec Work)

Adobe Creative Cloud

Software suite for graphic design, photography, and video editing. (Spec Work)

Mos Eisley Cantina

Desert outpost tavern serving entrepreneurial clientele from across the galaxy. (Spec Work)

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